Anti-Fraud Policy:- Jeevan Sadhna Nidhi Limited.


If you are paying online, please pay only afflon services account mentioned on website under our bank section. You can also choose our payuMoney link to pay directly in company's account. If person asks you to pay to a bank account which is having no relevancy to Jeevan Sadhna Nidhi Limited then never make this kind of payments.
Also, never pay any amount to any person claiming that he/she is a agent or representative of Jeevan Sadhna Nidhi Limited outside the office branches or in person.
If any agent, representative offers you extra care to process your application faster or to manage a document on an additional fee, we highly discourage this kind of misuse of our services. Also, immediately contact our official no to stop this type of unwanted scam.

Fake/False Documentation

For avoiding any delay or cancellation of your application, Jeevan Sadhna Nidhi suggests you to always provide genuine and updated document to fulfill the documentation criteria of a loan Process.
If our team or loan department find a document provided by you is fake/false, then you will be solely responsible for the delay or cancellation of your application. Also, you will not be liable to ask for any kind of refund.

Suggestion For You

Jeevan Sadhna Nidhi Limited suggest you, if you find any type of fraud or scam with our agent or representative please contact us immediately. We are always happy to help you.